Friday, 29 July 2011

Beginning Tool Collection

Here is a list of my wood working specific tools which I am starting out with.

Tools I inherited with the boat which I have removed rust, serviced and cleaned as best as possible in WD40 & light oil:

3 x Small F-Clamps
3 x Medium F-Clamps
Panel Saw ~10tpi rip (Old Self Sharpen Style)
12" Back Saw ~12tpi rip (Old Self Sharpen Style)
Bit & Brace (with ratchet function)
Egg Beater Hand Drill - (broken handle)
Small Hammer
3 Wood Rasps (Flat, Half Round & Round)
12Pc Carving Set (looks cheap)
7pc Hole Cutter Set 32 - 70 mm
Spade Drill Bits - 28, 25, 23, 16, 13, 12 mm
Forstner Drill Bits - 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 mm
Various Lip & Spur (Brad Point) Bits
Wood Plug Cutters & Bits

After some time reading about wood working online and learning about tools and their specific uses, I decided about 6 months ago during one of my visits to the U.K I should purchase a few new tools to compliment those above and try to 'have a go' while living on my boat in the Caribbean. The tools remained untouched aside from a few Pre-Atlantic crossing boat preparations and repairs and have only just now been unpacked.

Everything came from my local ScrewFix store and I have provided links.

3m Imperial / Metric Tape Measure
12" Steel Ruler

I do own other assorted none specific tools such as screw drivers, files, pliers and spanners, etc, all of which I'm sure will come in useful along the way.

Tools I now realise I will probably need soon are some layout tools such as marking gauges and a good marking knife. More importantly, before anything else I need to sort out my space with some form of bench. Who knows at some point I might even get some wood as well.

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