Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New Axe Fun

Just a quick post...

I have been playing with my new Axe and 'carved' a basic cooking spatula and kitchen spoon. Neither of which are finished yet, so this is more of a progress report really. 

The wood is from a small Ornamental Cherry tree that I cut down from the garden a few weeks back and is soaking wet green. I don't really know much about Green Wood Working (yet), so I imagine I have to leave things to dry out before they can be finished? Any advice from readers would be appreciated!

The cooking spatula is functional from a 'Bushcraft' perspective but that's about it!

I should have paid more attention to the small knots, the main one causing problems is on the side and there is another tiny one in the center of the 'blade' - A lesson learnt. Once the wood has dried out I will try and sand a finish on it and oil it properly.

As for the spoon, well these pics are straight off the axe I haven't touched it with a knife yet.

I have tried to keep the handle of the spoon the same design as the spatula as if by some miracle this little project was a success then they would make a nice matching pair. I don't have a Crook knife yet so I cant even begin on the bowl of the spoon. 

One thing I am very wary of and that is not getting too attached to these little creations. The 'baton mallet' I made last week has self destructed in the warmth of the central heating. Not so surprising I guess, Green Wood + Warm House = Cracked Wood. This is quite extreme cracking though!

Oh well - it still works (for now)...

 It's certainly fun to just be able to sit down and hack into a piece of wood with an axe and make something 'vaguely' recognisable. It's surprising how quickly you learn different techniques according to the accuracy of the cuts required. I am looking forward to getting some better wood as these pieces are just what I had in the garden. I'd love to try a bowl out of birch or something similar. 

If the spoon and spatula don't 'self destruct' while drying out or before I acquire a crook knife, I'll get these finished and post the results despite how bad they look - It's all part of the adventure!

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