Friday, 3 August 2012

Happy Birthday To Me 2

In the 'tradition' of my last birthday, Axminster Tools and their free next day delivery got the better of me - again! I treated myself to a few 'shiny things' ... as I've said 'It's an addiction!'.

Firstly, a Lie Nielsen no#4 Iron bodied smoothing plane. I decided against the Bronze body as this more than meets my needs for a smoother. It has the standard A2 blade and I have the option of a high angle frog at a later date if needed. My 'beater' Stanley no#4 will be kept set rough, as that's all its capable of anyway to be honest. 

Secondly, an imperial Lie Nielsen Dowel Plate. I have some riven Oak and Walnut stock that will make nice draw bore pegs for Mortise & Tenon joints and dowels for boxes etc..

The other items include, a really posh Cap Iron screw driver which is lovely to hold and prevents scratching up your nice new premium planes as the brass collar captures the large screw head. A joiners Scratch Awl which unfortunately has a round shaft. I thought it had a square shaft when I ordered it... Oh well, it will still be useful.

And Lastly, I decided to get some Veritas honing compound to add to my home made leather strop block. A number of well known wood workers use it and some swear by it, so I thought I would see if it improves my sharpened edges.

Now I just need to put them all to work...


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Jim said...

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