Friday, 19 August 2011

My New Old Tools

Recently my girlfriend's mum invited me to look through her shed for any tools that might be of use in my new woodworking hobby. A lot of the tools I found were suffering from rust and have not been used (or even touched) for around 18 years.

Here are a few of the tools I am either in the process of cleaning up or have cleaned up and pressed back into service once again.
  • Roll of 12 Auger bits
  • Ridgway Large Expanding Bit Set 3/8" - 3"
  • Large Yankee Push Screwdriver
  • Small Ratchet Screwdriver
  • Marking Gauge
  • Small Hammer
  • Stanley 102 Block Plane
  • Rapier Spokeshave
  • 2 x Egg Beater Drills (One Stanley the other a Millers Falls?)
  • Spinney Bailey No#4 Bench Plane - I may set this up as a 'Scrub Plane'
  • 2 x Sureform (Straight & Curved) Planes
  • Wooden (Shoulder?) Plane.
There were also three 'Warranted Superior' Panel saws which I counted as: 5tpi, 8tpi & 10tpi all filed rip. I de-rusted the blades, sanded and oiled the wooden handles and have sent them off along with my own 10tpi panel saw for re-sharpening and should get them back next week.

I have requested the 5tpi to be filed rip, the 8tpi to be filed crosscut and the other two 10tpi saws rip and crosscut. At some point in the near future, I would like get the required saw files and tools and be responsible for sharpening my own saws.

Cleaning, de-rusting, oiling, servicing and sharpening all these tools is helping me better understand how they work and what's required to keep them functioning properly - all the more important in the hand tool world.

It's certainly a steep learning curve!


upriver said...

Nice finds! It is indeed an education to clean and restore these old gems.

Brian said...

Hey nice blog ,I like old tools too. I have an old millers falls plane which is a bit of a treasure :)

Simon (Boo). said...

Thanks Brian. There is something special about using 'Pre Loved' tools, especially when they have been handed down by family or close friends.