Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dinner Tray

Another quick and small but satisfying project ... 
 A simple Pine Dinner Tray which I have made for my girlfriend's mum as a 'thankyou' for the tools she gave me a while ago.

I am starting to feel a lot more comfortable simply 'knocking together' these small projects on request. 

The simple joinery for the side pieces was cut mostly by eye with very minimal measuring and mark up. I need to be careful that I don't get too lazy!
Another first for me was the Edge to Edge joint I used to make the base board from two pieces of 15mm thick by 145mm wide Pine.

The longest and most tiring part of this project was reducing the thickness of the base board to minimise the overall weight of the tray, while retaining flatness.

Lastly, a quick coat of Boiled Linseed oil to highlight the grain a little and I called it done.

I hope she likes it ...


Rob Savill said...

Hi Boo
You seem to be getting the hang of this carpentry lark
Sharp is king for a good job.
Have been plastering my workshop and paid a visit to Axminster sue wants a new sideboard

Simon (Boo). said...

Hi Rob ... Yeah, Learning slowly - I'm loving it! Glad to hear your workshop is coming on. What new toys from Axminster?

Gimme a shout when you are heading up this way again.