Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Groovy Baby

After much deliberation I have decided to dip my toe into purchasing (previously 'loved') hand tools on Ebay - with some initial success!

For ages I have wanted (actually needed) a Plough plane. My initial thought was to splash out on a brand spanking new Veritas Plough Plane, knowing it would be good quality and work straight out of the box without having to fettle it or remove rust or regrind blades etc. But ...  at nearly £250 quid with a selection of 5 blades, it's EXPENSIVE!!!

After some research online I found that the one of the most favoured Plough Planes are the old Record 043 & larger 044 models. The average Ebay price for the 044 in the UK seems to be around the £20-£30 mark. 

With such a cheap solution to my problem ... I found this little beauty and chanced my hand...

No rust anywhere to be seen. Complete with both long & short guide rods, the (often missing ) depth stop and a full complement of 8 (9/16" - 1/8") blades.

The blades are in really good condition and look mostly unused! Just some honing required before use.

All in the original box.

While it's probably not as good as the Veritas, I bet  it sure isn't over £200 worse!!!
Unfortunately, this purchase comes just too late for my current project I am working on, it will definitely see a lot of use in the near future and I wish I would have got one sooner! 

No more dodgy glued in box bottoms for me...

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