Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Quick Fix

Literally the day after finishing my Saw Bench (almost a month ago), I found myself craving a 'quick woodworking fix'. My girlfriend had just left the house to tend her horses which gave me an excuse and a couple of hours to make her a quick surprise while she was gone. 

A small offcut of Pine seemed to be shouting at me from the pile saying 'make me a box' ...

So, with no box joints or anything complicated I simply cut and squared the Pine into a few pieces and made a 'quick & dirty' butt jointed box. After squaring the sides and waiting for the glue to dry I intended to make a really simple lid the next morning. 

Unfortunately, a week away working on the boat and then being called off to France for family matters meant the box remained unfinished... Until now.

Lunchtime today, I used a second small offcut of Pine, slightly thicker and cut and planed it to size to make a simple lid. The edges were chamfered by eye to make a wedge to fit snuggly into the box top. Secondly, a small piece of Mahogany was roughly squared and then sanded to make a 'knob'. 

Job done - Another little box on her dressing table for her 'bits n bobs' - A quick fix to end my period of 'Cold Turkey'.

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