Sunday, 27 November 2011

I'm changing...

I'm changing... 
Yesterday we took an old heavy solid front door that we have been 'saving' in our hallway around to my girlfriends mum's house. I removed the rotten remains of another old door from her alley way and using only  hand tools.

Measured, marked and cut the 'new' door to accurately fit by hand using my panel saws. Adjusted the door frame door stops to allow the new thicker door to sit flush in the frame. Cut the frame to accept the hinges with chisels. Drilled all the pilot holes for the hinge screws and door knob with my gimlets. Finally trimmed the door edge and frame with a no#4 hand plane.

Job done ... !!!

Even though most people would view this as a 'simple job' ... A few months ago this would have been a 'Lets get a Carpenter in to do this properly' scenario.

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upriver said...

And so another is born! Congratulations on the project. I hope the GF and her family were duly impressed.