Thursday, 1 December 2011

Small Pine Chest 2

Ok ... I said the Small Pine Chest was 'done' ...  Impatience!!!
In between working on a new project, I have gone back and fitted the hinges, improved the finish and made an addition to it, hopefully making it more of a finished piece and a lot more useful.

As this project was my 'warm up' to dovetails and making my own tool chest, I decided to add a drawer or till to it. Nothing fancy just a simple butt jointed box that sits on two Oak side rails. As it stands this would make a nice little travelling tool chest. My no#6 plane fits in the bottom like a hand in a glove! In fact its probably a good thing that my large tennon saw doesn't fit as I have now out grown my small toolbox I made (what seems like) ages ago.

Instead it's going to make someone a lovely Christmas present...

Anyway, a few pics to really 'wrap' this project up! 


Anonymous said...

Nice work, great looking joints!

Simon (Boo). said...

Thanks ... They are my first attempt at Dovetails. I see you are no slouch at them either!

Anonymous said...

If those are your first, you have a real future in woodworking. My first looked like they were out of a haunted house or something!