Friday, 2 December 2011


'God makes work for idle hands'...

My favourite tool manufacturer is Lie Nielson basically because those few tools I have purchased so far have been amazing both in quality, initial set up and overall performance.

A stark contrast to the new Stanley Planes (a no#6 & no#4), I bought only a few months ago back in August. I wish I had realised that Stanley was no longer a quality name in tools - Oh well, lesson learnt.

So ... Looking forward to tools I may buy in the future, the 'shopping bill' rises very quickly after only a small number of tools. I decided to compare the cost of Lie Nielsen tools in the USA to here in the UK.

Exchange rates were calculated using XE Prices were obtained from the Lie Nielsen website and the Axminster Tools (Lie Nielsen UK distributor) website.

Product USA Lie Nielsen UK Axminster
Dowel Plate $50.00 £43.50
5pc Chisel Set (O1 steel) $340.00 £239.00
2 x Mortise Chisels (1/4, 1/2) $130.00 £113.00
Lie Nielsen no#5 Plane $325.00 £282.95
High Angle Frog for no#5 $75.00 £65.00
Spare Plane Blade for no#5 $40.00 £34.80
Lie Nielsen no#7 Plane $425.00 £369.95
Totals $1385.00 (£887.93) £1148.20 ($1790.73)
1 GBP = 1.55960 USD1 USD = 0.641189 GBP @ 02.12.2011

Holy Cow! ... In the UK we pay £260.27 or $405.97 more than our American friends. That's a huge difference for a small handful of tools!

Basically in the US, the no#7 (almost) becomes a 2for1 deal!
Anyone coming to the UK from the US anytime soon?....


Anonymous said...

If you knew how much we pay in Brazil would be happy with the prices of UK...

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