Thursday, 8 December 2011

Xmas Goodies

The postman just delivered more new shiny things...

First up are two Lie Nielsen Mortise chisels of 1/2" and 1/4" - Pure none essential luxury items. I have been cutting my mortises using bevel edged chisels and while it's obviously 'doable', the thin bevel edged sides make it quite hard to maintain a square and straight edge to the mortise. It's going to be a lot easier to maintain a straight mortise using the deeper purpose designed blades. They feel amazingly balanced in the hand. I was quite surprised at the difference in colouration of the Hornbeam wood and size handles between the two sizes. I guess it makes sense...

Next up is the Veritas Cambered Roller for the Mark II honing guide. I have tried unsuccessfully to relieve the corners of my plane blades by hand. The regular straight roller makes for a dead straight blade edge which, while perfect for chisels etc, results in plane tracks when smoothing.  My long term goal is to sell my new no#4 and no#6 Stanleys and buy a premium (probably Lie Nielsen) no#5 Jack Plane with two blades. One heavily cambered  for stock removal and another slightly cambered for smoothing. Later I would also like a no#7 for jointing. Until then I will be using it to relieve the corners on my no#4 and no#6 Stanley blades.

Lastly, 'The Essential Woodworker' book. After a quick read of the introduction and a flick through its pages, this book appears to be the perfect companion to 'The Anarchist Toolchest'. It aims itself as a 'Pre woodworking' book and teaches the complete beginner amateur woodworker (working alone and without the advantages of an instructor) the basic but essential fundamental skills that are often taken for granted in most other books. Lots of diagrams and the quality of the printing and binding are of 'Old School' quality.

Axminster links for these items can be found on my 'Wish List'.

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