Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 Resolutions

I am still away from home and my tools until next week. Therefore, aside from lots of reading, I have been thinking about the New Year ahead and how it relates to my personal wood working aspirations...

So ... My wood working New Years Resolutions, Aspirations, Hopes & Goals for 2012.
  • Take my quality of working to the next level.
  • Attend at least one (1 week)  wood working course.
  • Improve my finishing skills (including patience).
  • Work with more hard woods.
  • Have the confidence to try more complicated & challenging joinery.
  • Work on longer term larger projects.
  • Sell some of the things I make.
I'd be really interested in other peoples goals for the year ahead especially those beginners like myself.

Happy New Year Everyone!..


Rob said...

Hi Simon,

I just discovered your blog - good one! Looking forward to following your journey with the hand tools.


Simon (Boo). said...

Hi Rob. Welcome along for the ride... More posts soon I promise.

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon,

I'm not much of a resolution guy, but,

I'd like to get my shop a little more functional.

Get my wood storage under control.

Produce more useful things as gifts that people will want and use.

Be more disciplined at taking in progress pictures.

Simon (Boo). said...

Happy New Year. Very much looking forward to the 'progress pics' and posts...